Sunday, December 4, 2011

london times.

After visiting London, I'm almost ashamed I never stopped through the city on my past trips to Europe. Sure, it's as westernized a city as you get, but still carries a classic, regal essence with a heart of 90s punk rock that never left. The main sites are a must, but if you have time, I highly recommend strolling the street markets (Camden or Borough) or wandering vacant streets for those hidden gym cafes and bookshops. For more recommendations, check out Gwynth's GOOP guide to London.
Cheers to the lovely city that gave us the Beatles, Kate Moss, and the possibility of becoming a modern day princess.

{Hello Ben}

{Patriotic taxis}

{Tourist Giveaway}

{Belgian Chocolates galore}

{Classic street sign}

{Tower Bridge}

{Princess Margaret's Crown}

{Rosewater White Chocolate Cake}

{The Aftermath}
{London Autumn}
{The Eye}
{Corner Cafes}
{Bookshop Window}
{Half pint for the lady}

{Princess Diana's memorial, so peaceful}
{The Thames at night}
{'Bentley' in the shop window}
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