Wednesday, November 21, 2012

apps we ♥ | songza.

Awesome news for all you Spotify/Pandora freaks out there. There's a new chick in town and her name is Songza - and she's even more pretty and popular than our ad-shoving wannabes. Songza is the the Dr. of music streaming, and can prescribe exactly what your ears need based on your activity and whatever genre of music you jones for. Of course, I heart it for all the Indie music love it offers, but it has playlists to tickle anyone's fancy. And yes, you can stream via your desktop as well. Has it officially taken over as the music app of choose? Most likely. Although I still have love for playlist sharing with my ex (Spotify), evidenced here and here, I'm moving on to an app that actually listens to me and gives me what I need. We had a lot of good times Pandora, but I'm over it. It's not me, it's you. 

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