Sunday, April 14, 2013

skinny caramel white russians.

White Russians always remind me of college. My favorite bar in Lawrence, Jazzhaus, offered $1 anything on Tuesdays, and needless to say my friends and I camped out there each week. For some reason we started a tradition of drinking white russians. Considering my collegiate appetite for drinking, it haunts me to think of how many of those we would have in a night - probably equivalent to chugging a half a galloon of half & half. Eck. Thank god for youthful metabolism. Now a days, since the freedom to eat or drink anything without leaving a mark is long gone, I've switched my WR cravings to a more practical mix. I'll admit, its a bit of an abomination to the real deal, but it's still pretty freaking tasty!

Start by trimming the inside of a glass with the chocolate (or use caramel if you're going all out). Mix the milk, Kahlua and vodka and pour over ice.  

Skinny White Russian:
1 shot (oz.) Kahlua
1 shot (oz.) caramel vodka
1 cup vanilla soymilk (I drink Silk)
Sugar-free chocolate syrup

{if adding chocolate, keep away from bulldogs. Sorry B.}

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