Wednesday, October 10, 2012

polka dot pumpkins.

Spray paint is addicting. Seriously addicting. I bought a few cans on a whim (one matte white and one a metallic gold) and have been 'refreshing' things all around the house, which also happens to drive my fiancee nuts. 

"Did you really just spray paint the paper towel holder gold?" 
"Yes, yes I did. And look how much cuter it is!" 
(eye roll ensues) 

My latest victims are the baby pumpkins we had on our porch. But tell me these aren't adorable. 

{The materials: spray paint, painting tape and pumpkins}

{Spray the pumpkins outdoors, and away from anyone that might want to eat them} 

{Use the tape to create a design of your choice. I'm partial to dots.}

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