Friday, February 8, 2013

kentucky peach.

If I had my little way....

I'd eat peaches (and whiskey) every day.

Most that know me know I have a rare love affair with whiskey. It all happened during my first to the Jameson Distillery in Dublin (more on that here). Since then, I've developed a new love of the sweeter taste of Kentucky whiskeys, which I can attribute to residing with a certain Maker's-Mark-loving gentleman. 

Whiskey is especially fantastic in the winter. It's an instant kick of warmth to your insides, not to mention it gives you an excuse for a little libation. While most out there are too privy to the whiskey drink, I've uncovered a way to make it enjoyable for every type of tastebud. Ginger ale offers the perfect complement to any whiskey, but especially the sweets from the south. I've converted many friends to the drink that would never before considering anything other than fruity vodka cocktails. 

The perfect addition that recently blew my mind? Frozen fruit. In this case, I had a ton of peaches left over from scone making, and uncovered one of my new favorite concoctions. 

     The Kentucky Peach
      1 shot of whiskey 
      Ginger Ale
      Lime Juice
      frozen peaches
      1 tsp honey

     1. Pour the whiskey (preferably Kentucky born) in a glass over ice. 
     2. Add the lime juice - about as much as a wedge would offer.
     3. Add the frozen peaches. You could even substitute more peaches instead of ice. 
     4. Fill the glass with ginger ale.
     5. Stir in the honey. 

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