Sunday, December 23, 2012

peppermint chow.

A friend of mine made this at a recent girls' night gift exchange and I immediately went home and made some myself. And I'll likely be snacking on it until July. It's THAT yummy. 

It was a hit at our family holiday. Seriously, we must have refilled the bowl a million times. 

And on top of that it is CRAZY easy. A la any puppy chow. No preheating, baking or chilling required. 

For this version, simply substitute white for the usual chocolate you coat the Chex Mix with. I melted a bag of white chocolate chips in the microwave (and added a few drops of vegetable oil to keep it smooth). Once the Chex Mix is coated, throw in peppermint chips (or chopped candy canes work just as well!). 

Lastly, put 1 cup of confectioners sugar in a bag, add the Chex Mix and shake like a mad woman. If you have any little kiddies around this is a step best left to them. 

And voila. That's one ridiculously easy holiday sweet.

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