Monday, December 3, 2012

tree hunting with a bulldog.

I grew up with a plastic Christmas tree. It was okay. Decently sized, durable and it performed it's ornament-holding duties just as expected.
But, there's something about an artificial tree that feels like a holiday buzz kill. 

So, this year the dude  and I decided to go big. Griswold, Charlie Brown Christmas, Rockafeller Center big. YES, this Christmas we were getting a real tree if we had to chop it down ourselves lumberjack style. Luckily there is a pop-up tree shop down the street so no axes were necessary. What we did realize is that the little chunk is terrified of pine trees. Terrified. Once we helped her conquer her fear of the green monsters, she helped us pick out the perfect matching tree for our living room. 

Despite having a wussy bulldog, I'm loving the welcoming pine smell that's radiating throughout the house. Just wait til we decorate the monster with ornaments and lights. Unlike her mother, I'm not sure the little wuss will be a huge Christmas fan.

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