Sunday, December 30, 2012

quite a year.

It's funny how this obviously happens on an annual basis, and yet I still am always surprised by the new year. Right after we recover from the family and food explosion of the holidays, we then freak out about our big NYE plans and how we're getting there and what to wear - and is it going to snow?

And somewhere in there you realize it's been yet another year gone by, you've spent another 365 days here on earth and you are forced to look back and reflect. Recent events have especially forced us to take a moment, appreciate those we have around us, and realize how short and unexpected life can be. 

You also realize that every additional year after your mid-twenties tends to lose some luster. It's no longer another step towards adulthood, but rather, you're forced to stop and look around at what you're making of your life. Luckily for me, this period of contemplation ended with a smile. 2012 was quite a time in my otherwise uneventful life. I've moved into a new home, got engaged to my beau and favorite person ever, gained a new family, grew in a career I love and celebrated the first birthday of our furry little chunk. 
In looking through photos cataloging the year, I handpicked a few favorites. 

Cheers to an even shinier and prettier year to come! xo

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