Tuesday, January 29, 2013

apps we love: vine.

Obsessed with instagram. Check. 
Amused by stupid iPhone videos. Check. 
Just found another major time suck via yet another social channel. Check Check. 

Vine just launched a week or so ago and is catching on like wildfire. It was launched by Twitter and allows users to catalogue and share six second videos + sound - think of it like an animated instagram feed. It requires no editing or filtering, just six seconds of your choosing, with optional cutting and starting with just a fingertip. This might just be the flavor of the week, but I'm already getting addicted. 
I love that it pushes the boundaries on the level of creative social sharing, and showcases people's weirdness on a whole new level. Follow me @ House of Bentley. Happy Vining ya'll. 
{Check out the epic fiver here}

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