Tuesday, January 15, 2013

klutz-proof cat eye.

I'm a huge fan of the cat eye trend, and having tried it time and time again, I just can't seem to pull of the annoyingly perfect curve of a line popping up everywhere. Coordination has never been my strong suit. That's why learning this new trick from Refinery29 made me jump for jollies. Tiffany Patton, a NYC based makeup artist shows you how to rock the cat eye using a simple black eyeliner pencil, a q-tip and a dab of cream (she uses MAC fast response eye cream, but I use Benefit "It's Potent" eye cream and found it worked just as well).

{One extra tip is to do this before you apply your foundation powder as the cream can create unevenness in your skin makeup. Another option is to use a small brush to lightly re-apply powder around the corner of the eye to create a cleanness around the liner.}

For the less liquid-pen-challenged, I've tried these pictured above with some luck,
and if you have the time and precision they work wonders.
Stila is by far the easiest to apply and control, with Chanel taking a close second.

{picure via Blushington and video via R29}

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